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Safari 3.1 for Webdevelopers

Safari 3.1 adds some important updates for web developers:

  • Adds option in Safari preferences to turn on the new Develop menu which contains various web development features
  • Allows access to Web Inspector
  • Allows access to Network Timeline
  • Allows editing CSS in the Web Inspector
  • Allows custom user agent string
  • Improves snippet editor

I was very happy to see that editing CSS in the web inspector is now possible – just inspect a part of your website with ctrl-click – inspect element and double click on a style in the styles bar to edit it and see the update immediately in the browser window.

Warning: you have to inspect a element and then be sure to use the styles, not the computed styles to see the changes! Unfortunately the computed styles are at the top of the window – so stay away from the computed styles, editing is not possible for these!

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