In the past i had to install Flash Media Server 2 on Ubuntu and Markus Bertheau’s Blog came to help with publishing a patch to make this work.

Time went by and now i had to install Flash Media Server 3 on my Ubuntu box. Again Markus has a patch for the fms3 installer script available, Markus’s article can be found at

first make sure you have libnspr4-dev installed, if not:

sudo apt-get install libnspr4-dev

download and unzip the Flash Media Server 3 app from adobe and upload FlashMediaServer3.tar.gz to your Ubuntu server, then:

tar xfz FlashMediaServer3.tar.gz
cd FMS_3_0_0_r1157
patch -p1 < flash-media-server-3-ubuntu.patch
sudo ./installFMS

thanks again Markus for providing these patches!