Pro Tools LE & Pro Tools M-powered

Starting with Pro Tools 7.x it’s possible to have both Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-powered running on the same system. I have Pro Tools 8 installed (both flavours) and first thought it’s no big deal. But then i was experiencing some problems:

When i first installed M-powered and then LE and started LE it seemed everything’s ok, even when i switched back to M-powered everything looked fine. But then when i actually started working in M-powered it started to crash constantly, e.g. when i tried to add a new track oder make a new group, etc.

Ok, i then reinstalled M-powered and got the reverse problem: everything worked fine i M-powered and LE kept crashing.

The solution to that problem is so easy, yet hard to find:

I had different versions of these two apps. Pro Tools LE was running with 8.0cs2 and Pro Tools M-powered was version 8.0.

After installing the CS2 patch for M-powered the problems had gone. Easy to oversee, so i had to post it 😉