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Using facebook with iChat

Facebook iChatIf you like to live on the bleeding edge of instant messaging, you may like to chat with your Facebook buddies by using your default Instant Messenger on a Mac: iChat. But wait, there are some pros / cons for this method:

+ only one Instant Messenger for iChat, AIM, Jabber and MSN, Yahoo, etc. (using Jabber transports)
– you have to accept a request for each facebook buddy when he / she gets online for the first time
– as of now, no facebook buddy names get displayed in iChat, you have to name each of your facebook buddies by hand (each buddy gets an entry in your address book)

If you really wannt to dig into that and don’t want to wait for Facebook to implement Jabber instant messaging as they stated in early 2008, here’s how to do it:

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Using WordPress 2.8 and up with a proxy webserver in front

I use a public plain apache server with mod_rewrite to serve my wordpress as i don’t trust php enough to expose it to the world 😉

I wrote and updated a previous post describing what i’ve done to make things work for me, but now with Wordpress 2.8 it’s broken, so i had to figure out a fix for this problem again.

Update von iPhone Applikationen in iTunes 8.1.x funktioniert nichtiTunes 8.1.x login loop when trying to update apps in appStore

For quiete some time it bothers me that i’m not able to update apps for my iPhone / iPod Touch directly in iTunes. I get a notification that some apps have been updated, but when i click on this link, i enter the infinite loop of login to the appStore: i enter my username / password correctly, but get the login window again and again and again …