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podcasters threatened by broadcasters

This international treaty would allow commercial broadcasters (radio stations, tv stations, ..) which include free podcasts from independent podcasters in their broadcast to gain some kind of license (for 50 years !!) on this content which they didn’t produce by themself, just for sending it over the airwaves 🙁 This would be a terrible future for podcasting.

The British podcasting association has a online petition to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) – so hit the link and sign the petition!

read the whole story here (german):

Manipulate your mpeg-4 files for iPod Video

AtomicParsley is a freeware commandline tool for Mac OS X as well as for Linux and Windows (cygwin). It allows to manipulate the metadata in mpeg4 files (m4a, m4b, m4p, m4v & mp4) and in 3GPP files.

It’s very handy if you like to generate or manipulate the metadata in movie files to provide iTunes-like metadata automatically on a server. It even can turn your selfmade movies into “video podcasts” or “movies” inside your iTunes library like the movies you downloaded from the iTunes Music Store.

create podcasts with iTunes

myTunes logo

myTunes is a donationware program written in JAVA and runs both on Mac OS X and Windows with your iTunes. It acts as a small webserver which creates RSS2 feeds with enclosures (aka podcasts) from your iTunes library and even from each of your playlists!

For what do i use it?

I use it to stream my iTunes Library across my wireless LAN to my Sony PSP to listen to my music while walking around in my house 🙂 It’s really great for that purpose because the webserver fits nicely into the PSP screen, is easy to navigate and you can even search for songs or artists! I really like this piece of software – give it a try.

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