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Mac OS X 10.5: Eigene umask verwendenMac OS X 10.5: Setting a custom umask

In diesem Knowledge Base Artikel von Apple wird beschrieben wie man auf Mac OS X 10.5 eine eigene umask verwenden kann. umask ist ein UNIX Befehl, der angibt, mit welchen Rechten eine neue Datei oder ein Ordner angelegt werden. Besonders wenn mehrere User einen Rechner oder ein Netzwerklaufwerk verwenden und gemeinsam arbeiten kรถnnen sollen, ist […]

Re-Flash LaFonera with original Firmware

After playing around with my LaFonera and ddWRT i decided to go back to the original LaFonera firmware. I liked ddWRT for it’s feature-richness, but as my requirements changed i don’t need the router to sit inside the LaFonera and thought it would be good to re-join the fon community ๐Ÿ˜‰

I found most of the commands to achieve this on Stefano Testi’s Blog in this article. I ran into some problems because i tried this on Mac OS X, so i added some steps to this procedure to succeed.

How to hide a worpress instance behind a different apache server with mod_rewrite

I had the need to move my blog running wordpress 2.0.x to a different server, but keeping the domain name on the “old” server. I tried to do this with mod_rewrite and succeeded only partially ๐Ÿ™ after some hours of hacking around with mod_rewrite and wordpress itself i got i working and want to share my solution: note: let’s call the origin server SERVER A and the “new” server running wordpress and mysl SERVER B.