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SerProxyGUI 1.0

SerProxyGUI ist eine grafische Oberfläche für die kommandozeilenbasierten Seriell-Proxys “TinkerProxy” oder “SerProxy”, die eine Verwendung der Proxys ohne Editieren der Konfigurationsdatei erlaubt und bietet eine… Read More »SerProxyGUI 1.0

Re-Flash LaFonera with original Firmware

After playing around with my LaFonera and ddWRT i decided to go back to the original LaFonera firmware. I liked ddWRT for it’s feature-richness, but as my requirements changed i don’t need the router to sit inside the LaFonera and thought it would be good to re-join the fon community 😉

I found most of the commands to achieve this on Stefano Testi’s Blog in this article. I ran into some problems because i tried this on Mac OS X, so i added some steps to this procedure to succeed.

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