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SerProxyGUI is basically a GUI wrapper for the commandline serial proxy “TinkerProxy” or “SerProxy” that allows to use this proxy without editing the configfile and to choose from a list of available devices. This application is very helpful if you are using Flash applications to communicate with hardware like Arduino running Firmata.

Download (643 KB / Intel Mac OS X 10.5 and up)




1.0      initial release

8 thoughts on “SerProxyGUI”

  1. servus,

    vielen dank für die info. GENAU das habe ich für OSX gesucht. waren schon kurz davor in java selbst was zu schreiben.


  2. This little tool is great! It makes it a lot easier for my students to run a proxy without using the command line. If you’re ever bored: support for serwebproxy would be fantastic, since it provides access via websockets in addition to a raw tcp socket, so you can connect to your Arduino directly using Javascript in a browser window without the need for Flash.

  3. I’m happy that others like that little tool 😉 and thanks for your suggestion, maybe i will find some time to implement the webserproxy into this app. I missed a tool like that from time to time, so it’s definately worth about trying to implement it.

  4. hi zabe,
    as this is the first version of this tool and not everything is very userfriendly, there are no preferences to change from the GUI. I will add this to the next version when i have time.

    In the meantime you can do this:
    – right click on the app and choose “show package contents”
    – then navigate to Contents -> Resources
    – edit the file “serproxy.cfg” to your needs

    Hope this helps for now.

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