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I just followed a link from a plone product (Speechcast 0.01) to the webpage of the MARY text to speech project at This is a very promising project that aims to build a open source text-to-speech system, based on a JAVA server client system with the ability to build webbased services. I was completely surprised how well this works. The first few voices i tried were just like the normal “robots”.

But if you like to hear how text-to-speech works nowadays then head over to (you need java 1.5 web plugin) and select one of these voices:

  • time-awb (English, male, limited)
  • dfki-zeit (German, female, limited)
  • dfki-bundesliga-excited (German, male, limited)
  • dfki-bundesliga (German, male, limited)

i never heard such emotional computer generated voices – that’s the right way! Imagine what this could do for blind people or how you could generate automatically podcasts from your texts or how you convert a book for studying on your ipod 😉

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