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Using CentOS 5.4 as a Webserver

The first troubles i ran into was SELinux. For the sake of securing your server, it’s a good idea to leave it enabled, but it’s a pain in the ass at the beginning. So start reading the SELinux Manual.

rpmforge package repository

A lot of useful tools can’t be found with the yum command, because these packages don’t reside in the default CentOS repositories. rpmforge is a third-party repository of thousands of rpm packages, but to use it, we need to install it first:

instructions on how to to that can be found here

After your Apache server is up and running, we want to add a statistic tool for your webserver’s log files:

awstats 6.x on CentOS 5.4

sudo yum install awstats
sudo yum install perl-Geo-IP
sudo yum install GeoIP-data

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