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display microformats inside your browser

yesterday i stumbled upon a cool extension for Firefox / Flock browsers to display microformats contained inside a page:

the plugin scans your currently viewed page in your browser and displays a small, green icon (flocktails icon) in the bottom right of your browser if it has found any of the supported microformats inside the page. If you then click this icon you get a topbar in Flock or a ovelay in Firefox which lists all of the microformat elements it has found:

to see it in action try this link

unify the look of your Mac OS X

Apple started to use a new UI replacing the “old” brushed metal style – you can see it in your Mail or iTunes when you’re using Mac OS X Tiger. There are 3 cool apps that give your operating system a unified look in the new style:

read the original article here

you need at least this:

  • UNO (takes care of all the magic)
  • GrApple Theme for Firefox (to make your Firefox appear like Safari 🙂 )
  • TabX for Firefox (to get these close-buttons on every tab)

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