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get kaa.metadata (mmpython) running on OS X


get and install libxml2

download sources for libxml2 and libxslt from
build and install

./configure --with-python=/<pathtoyourpythonbinary>/python
sudo make install

Install kaa

first get kaa from svn:

svn co svn:// kaa

i had to disable the building of the shared memory module on OS X because it wouldn’t build. As it seems kaa.metadata works without the shared memory module, but maybe someone knows how to get this built on OS X with the shm module.
go into kaa/base and edit by changing (line 36) this

extensions.append( Extension('shmmodule', ['src/extensions/shmmodule.c']) )

to this

#extensions.append( Extension('shmmodule', ['src/extensions/shmmodule.c']) )

until now the support for cdrom drives only works on Linux, so i disabled it on OS X.
now go to kaa/metadata and edit
change this

ext_modules = [ cdrom, ifoparser ]


#ext_modules = [ cdrom, ifoparser ]
ext_modules = [ ifoparser ]

and change this

ext_modules = [ cdrom ]


#ext_modules = [ cdrom ]
ext_modules = [ ]

now go back to kaa/base and install the kaa.base package:

sudo python install

now go to kaa/metadata and install the kaa.metadata package:

sudo python install

you may use a different python instance, like /opt/python24/bin/python or something else if you don’t wanna install kaa into the default python on OS X.

2 thoughts on “get kaa.metadata (mmpython) running on OS X”

  1. Thanks.
    You have a typo in the file kaa/metadata/

    ext_modules = [ cdrom ]


    #ext_modules = [ cdrom ]
    ext_modules = []

    and not to

    #ext_modules = [ cdrom ] ext_modules = []

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