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Video Calculator Widget V0.1

I just wrote the initial (and maybe useful) version of my very first dashboard widget. You can find it on the software page and download and use it for free.


  • calculate filesize from a given movie length and bitrate and optional audio bitrate
  • calculate bitrate from a given movie length and filesize and optional audio bitrate
  • calculate length in seconds from given filesize, audio bitrate and video bitrate
  • calculate filesize of a movie with given length and choosable format (DV, DV50/DVCpro50, Uncompressed PAL 8-bit and 10-bit) and vice versa


Screenshot front 0.1


Video Calculator Widget 0.1 (252 KB)

2 thoughts on “Video Calculator Widget V0.1”

  1. glad you like it 😉
    i did this widget mainly to learn and test how to write widgets for OS X and i don’t have much time to develop it further but maybe i can add NTSC support to it in the near future, now that i know that people really use it 🙂
    any update will be posted here.

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