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iChat 6 (Lion) as a Adium replacement?

For years i used Adium, but sometimes i miss the video and audio features iChat provides.

As i updated to Mac OS X 10.7 aka Lion i thought i should give iChat a try. Suprisingly iChat 6 has some features which come close to Adium’s user experience:

  • now supports Yahoo! Messenger, even with audio and video – that’s good!
  • has an open plugin interface for thirdparty protocols
  • Facebook (using Jabber): works
  • Jabber server from work works out of the box
  • GMail / GoogleTalk works (audio / video not tested)
  • AIM out of the box
  • ICQ works (you have to use an AIM account and change the server to and disable SSL)
  • Bonjour works out of the box

Protocols i used in Adium and missing in iChat out of the box:

  • Twitter (workaround: – seems to work)
  • MSN (“Cocoon” plugin is in early development, but seems promising)
  • IRC (iChat 6 plugin is also in early development, but promising, was able to connect to a room, but many features missing)
  • Myspace (but who is still using it anyhow 😉 )

right now iChat seems to provide almost all important protocols i used to use on Adium plus the video and audio chatting.

2 thoughts on “iChat 6 (Lion) as a Adium replacement?”

  1. How did you get the iChat 6 plugin to work? I got it installed but when I try to add a new account by selecting IRC from the account type, and filling in the information nothing works.
    Please reply here or via email 🙂

  2. It’s quite a time that i tried that, but as i looks like it still works. So i installed the plugin and created an account in ichat by selecting the + button to add a IRC account.

    i used my freeenode username and as the server and port 6667.
    after connecting i get 3 messages from, freenode’s nickserv and the actual freenode server i’m connected to (

    nickserv tells me that my username is registered and i have to enter the password for it. now comes the tricky part:

    – in the window (talking to enter this command: /nickserv identify (of course substitute with your password without the <>
    – in the other tab or window you get a reply from nickserv that you’re successfully identified as

    so it’s important that you send IRC commands in the chat with

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