Fix for slow mouse on Raspberry Pi

As a remainder:

When using Raspberry Pi Raspbian with some mice, the cursor lags and is slow and feels very unresponsive.

Easy fix:

  • insert your SD card in your computer
  • edit cmdline.txt
  • add this to the end of the cmdline: usbhid.mousepoll=0
  • save, eject SD and start Raspberry Pi
  • done


  1. Case Peyton Case Peyton

    I guess this doesn’t work with noobs, because I tried this and It didn’t work.

  2. max max

    Can you give me the command for Kali linux arm on my rbp3

  3. Grant Grant

    Excellent – works perfectly. I just got a new “all-in-one” keyboard/trackpad and had issues with the slow mouse movement.
    I edited the file (on the pi using “sudo nano” etc) and rebooted the pi – now works perfectly.


  4. Pegaroo Pegaroo

    Type into Command line:

    sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt
    add onto the end of the line “usbhid.mousepoll=0” without quotes (note if still slow on 0 try 1)
    save the file (ctrl+o)
    then: sudo reboot

  5. 12345 12345

    OMG it works!! Thanks

  6. John John

    Thanks very much. Worked great with my pi 3B running raspbian 9 stretch.

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