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Fix for slow mouse on Raspberry Pi

As a remainder:

When using Raspberry Pi Raspbian with some mice, the cursor lags and is slow and feels very unresponsive.

Easy fix:

  • insert your SD card in your computer
  • edit cmdline.txt
  • add this to the end of the cmdline: usbhid.mousepoll=0
  • save, eject SD and start Raspberry Pi
  • done

16 thoughts on “Fix for slow mouse on Raspberry Pi”

  1. I guess this doesn’t work with noobs, because I tried this and It didn’t work.

  2. Excellent – works perfectly. I just got a new “all-in-one” keyboard/trackpad and had issues with the slow mouse movement.
    I edited the file (on the pi using “sudo nano” etc) and rebooted the pi – now works perfectly.


  3. Type into Command line:

    sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt
    add onto the end of the line “usbhid.mousepoll=0” without quotes (note if still slow on 0 try 1)
    save the file (ctrl+o)
    then: sudo reboot

  4. Thanks. Worked fine for me on RP3B and NOOBS with a USB keyboard and Mouse combo from Amazon.

  5. Works well on raspi 4GB thanks – I was seriously thinking of buying another new mouse – even works on cheap £8 mouse with USB!
    Many thanks Wolfgang!

  6. I’ve just bought a new Raspberry Pi 4b.

    I used the NOOBS distro that came with it from CanaKit. I updated during install. Everything went well, however, the cheap bluetooth mouse (Rii brand keyboard mouse combo) I bought from Amazon was almost unusable. I looked on the official RPi site and found no help, other than I might have a television with game mode enabled or a USB3 cable causing interference. I had neither of these things.

    The mouse was VERY laggy and acted odd. Your little fix did the trick!
    It is almost TOO quick now. I love it!

    Thank you!

    I used this method because I did not have to boot my PC and alter the file with an SD card swap.
    05.04.2017 – 22:15
    Type into Command line:
    sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt
    add onto the end of the line “usbhid.mousepoll=0” without quotes (note if still slow on 0 try 1)
    save the file (ctrl+o)
    then: sudo reboot

    March 26, 2020

  7. The above edit is all very well, but how does it affect the mouse set-up screen as obtained from ‘Preferences’ in the main manu? Can pointer speed adjustments be made from there just in case visitors don’t like my settings? I’m not bothered about the acceleration setting, I can’t imagine amybody needing that. Finally, what happens if I unplug the cordless mouse and insert a wired mouse? This could happen if the battery in the cordless mouse runs out.
    I can’t believe that this is happening. Not enough testing by the look of it. Its time a correction came out, this has been going on for years.
    I have RISC-OS Pi installed on several of my Pi’s and the cordless mouse works perfectly with it. So that’s zillions of points to RISC-OS Pi, nill to NOOBS.

  8. Pedro Gruenholz

    Worked perfectly on Pi 3B+ with NOOBS. Thank you very much.
    Settings in Preferences Main menu still let me adjust the speed, but without the annoying inertial effects.

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