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Time Maschine Backup auf Netzwerklaufwerke ermöglichenEnable Time Machine Backup to network disc

Um Netzwerk-Laufwerke mit Time Machine nutzen zu können, muss folgende Zeile im Terminal eingegeben werden:

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

Nun kann man das Netzwerk-Laufwerk wie eine externe Festplatte in den Time Machine Einstellungen auswählen:

To enable Time Machine to use your network attached share type this in Terminal:

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

Now you can select your network share in the Time Machine preferences:

Fixing iPod (Touch) sync on error “cannot enable syncing – Override/Ok”

Today i plugged my iPod Touch into my USB port and got an akward error saying iTunes cannot sync my iPod because syncing is disabled and asked me to enabled it. I clicked yes and got a second dialog saying “Cannot enable syncing” and i could click “Override” or “OK”. The odd thing: both choices yield no success and i was left with a sync of my iPod but without my addresse, calendars, bookmarks being synced 🙁

After some research and luck i found this solution:

First i repaired my file permissions using Disk Utility, even restarted and run the command again -> no luck, but as found here it helped other people.

Then i found out that not only iTunes stopped syncing, iSync itself reports an error message when starting. The message was “Sync Services: Can’t connect to the sync server …” Luckily i found the topic “iSync can’t be launched” at the Apple Discussions.

I deleted ~/Library/Application Support/SyncServices/Local/ and restarted iSync. It took some time to recreate the Local folder, but then iSync started and the syncing in iTunes works again. Just had to enable the syncing for address book, … for my iPod on the “Info” tab.

Mac OS X Leopard: sylogd eating cpu power

today i noticed after a reboot (i do that very rarely), that my iStats Menu CPU monitor shows me heavy CPU load. I fired up Activity Monitor and found that syslogd is using 90% – 100% cpu power – bad syslogd! 🙁

I did some research on the net and found quiete some hints relating Time Machine to that behavior. It was suggested to stop Time Machine in the system preferences and quit syslogd within Activity Monitor. I did that and this seemed to work, but after starting e.g. Console syslogd was at 100% again. Therefore Time Machine was not causing this (at least for me).

Further investigation led me to a file named /var/log/asl.db which is the database file for Apple’s new “Apple System Log facility” and i found that mine had about 23 MB! A big asl.db file could cause syslogd to max out, according to some websites i browsed to (can’t remember which ones).

And this is my fix for now (in Terminal):

cd /var/log
sudo rm asl.db

I don’t like this very much, but it worked, because right after deleting this file, it was recreated, but with far smaller size. I guess i lost some logging infos, but for now i think i’m fine with it.

Fixing non-working iSync after updating to Leopard 10.5.2

After updating Leopard to version 10.5.2 using Software Update, iSync stopped working – it flashed in the dock, but never opened 🙁

Luckily i found this dirty but awful simple trick to get it back to working:

  • open Applications folder
  • drag iSync app to your desktop
  • open iSync from desktop -> it works!
  • drag iSync from your desktop back to your Applications folder -> iSync still works and everything is back to normal 🙂

I found this here:

Pimp your Safari 3.0 (Leopard)

I recently switched back from firefox to safari as my default browser, mainly because firefox is too big, slow and hangs from time which anoyed me more and more.

The switch became possible, because i found some extensions to safari, which counterparts i used on firefox excessively:

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Compile Python 2.4.4 on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

Recently i upgraded my OS to Leopard and had to recompile python 2.4.4 for my Zope 3 buildout setup (i need a clean python for that). The problem was, that python 2.4.4 won’t build on leopard, Jodok Batlogg from Lovely Systems had the same problem and instantly found the solution. As he hasn’t posted it to his blog, i will post it here:


add this line to pyconfig.h in the same directory:

./make install

that’s it!

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