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get kaa.metadata (mmpython) running on OS X


get and install libxml2

download sources for libxml2 and libxslt from
build and install

./configure --with-python=/<pathtoyourpythonbinary>/python
sudo make install

Install kaa

first get kaa from svn:

svn co svn:// kaa

i had to disable the building of the shared memory module on OS X because it wouldn’t build. As it seems kaa.metadata works without the shared memory module, but maybe someone knows how to get this built on OS X with the shm module.
go into kaa/base and edit by changing (line 36) this

extensions.append( Extension('shmmodule', ['src/extensions/shmmodule.c']) )

to this

#extensions.append( Extension('shmmodule', ['src/extensions/shmmodule.c']) )

until now the support for cdrom drives only works on Linux, so i disabled it on OS X.
now go to kaa/metadata and edit
change this

ext_modules = [ cdrom, ifoparser ]


#ext_modules = [ cdrom, ifoparser ]
ext_modules = [ ifoparser ]

and change this

ext_modules = [ cdrom ]


#ext_modules = [ cdrom ]
ext_modules = [ ]

now go back to kaa/base and install the kaa.base package:

sudo python install

now go to kaa/metadata and install the kaa.metadata package:

sudo python install

you may use a different python instance, like /opt/python24/bin/python or something else if you don’t wanna install kaa into the default python on OS X.

kupu resize images

I always had the problem, that i could resize (drag with my mouse) images inside kupu, but when i save the document the image has its original size 🙁

Today i found the solution to this problem here

To enable kupu to keep the resize information upon save you have to add width and height to the style whitelist in the kupu preferences in your site preferences. Your styles whitelist should look like this:


that did the trick and now resizing images is working 🙂

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