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Running both IE7 AND IE6 in Windows XP

Yousif Al Saif from has programmed an installer allowing you to run multiple Internet Explorer versions in parallel on your Windows XP: Download Multiple IE installer (10.3MB) please read Yousif’s original article here and check out the comments on this article as well, you will find some useful information there as well.

Feeds made easy to understand – for everyone

I love news feeds, podcasts, photocasts, all that fancy feed stuff, i really do 🙂 The only drawback on feeds is, you need to use a feedreader or a modern browser with the ability to display the RSS/Atom feed in a human readable manner…. Some weeks ago a really cool project i was involved in with podcasting was stopped in the last minute, because the people in charge were afraid that the users can’t deal with the raw xml output in their browsers – and they were right, people don’t want to see the XML code, the feed has to be readable.

kupu resize images

I always had the problem, that i could resize (drag with my mouse) images inside kupu, but when i save the document the image has its original size 🙁 Today i found the solution to this problem here To enable kupu to keep the resize information upon save you have to add width and height to the style whitelist in the kupu preferences in your site preferences.