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Using facebook with iChat

Facebook iChatIf you like to live on the bleeding edge of instant messaging, you may like to chat with your Facebook buddies by using your default Instant Messenger on a Mac: iChat. But wait, there are some pros / cons for this method:

+ only one Instant Messenger for iChat, AIM, Jabber and MSN, Yahoo, etc. (using Jabber transports)
– you have to accept a request for each facebook buddy when he / she gets online for the first time
– as of now, no facebook buddy names get displayed in iChat, you have to name each of your facebook buddies by hand (each buddy gets an entry in your address book)

If you really wannt to dig into that and don’t want to wait for Facebook to implement Jabber instant messaging as they stated in early 2008, here’s how to do it:

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XFN network – now see it :-)

XFN is a microformat to describe your relationship on other people. It’s pretty simple, just make a link and add the “rel” attribute: <a xhref=”” mce_href=”” rel=”me”>Wolfgang Reutz</a> <a xhref=”” mce_href=”” rel=”met friend colleague”>Andreas Feuerstein</a> oh, cool, but what’s up next?

MySpace comes to Europe

MySpace is the world’s largest social networking platfrom with over 18 million(!)… The whole article can be found here (in german): in the comments a user mentioned an “myspace alternative” from Austria with currently about 1000 users: notable is, that for each new user signing up (for free) janusweb will by 1m?Ǭ? of Costa Rican rainforest – good for our environment!